Cable speed between drop form 1gbps to 100mbps offen

it is due to bad cable, or connectors.

The easy fix is get a managed switch, and set up the ports to Auto-negotiation, Speed: 1000, Duplex Mode: Full

It will running as 1gbps, but due to the bad cable quality, it will only run 200mbps-Max, depends on how bad the cable is, and how much the noise it.

sample configuration on Netgear GC510P

Not accept outside domain after a shared mailbox created in office 365

the issue is due to MX record lost some how after shared mailbox created.

e.g. my personal domain, MX record check

id 58774

opcode QUERY


flags QR RD RA


;ANSWER 21599 IN CNAME 14399 IN MX 0



go to Microsoft domain page,

found out all records are missing.

re add all required record to DNS server, and it will fix the issue

Black Screen on vmware fusion

vmware fusion is disappeared in Screen Record part, can’t add it.

it is due to vmware fusion 11.5.x not support on new MAC OS

please install vmware fusion 11.0 and it will fix the issue